What is IP-Jewelry or Ion-Plated Jewelry?

From day ONE and for centuries to come, MGJ's primary focus will always be affordability and SHINE. Although our first collection of standard Gold-Plated pieces hold up very well, we wanted to bring you something even shinier that will last you much longer.

Tada! Say hello to Ion-Plated Jewelry

(a.k.a non-tarnish plated jewelry... a.k.a the next best thing to solid gold!)

Tell Me More...

When jewelry is made using the IP process (a special vacuum deposition that applies layers of gold to stainless steel jewelry), you can bet that your jewelry will hold up through the "most careless of casual wear" as Steel Nation Jewelry states.

The wonderful thing about IP Jewelry is that it can last up to a decade with proper care while still maintaining the lustrous shine we obsess over.

Stainless Steel you said?

Absolutely. You may already know Stainless Steel for its heavy durability and kindness to sensitive skin (Nickel-Free, Lead-Free & Hypoallergenic). Every piece of ours made using the IP process is made with this heavenly metal. We choose Stainless Steel time and time again because other metals have a much higher susceptibility to wear off. So you get durability, affordability and Shine!

What are the Benefits again?

- Our IP Jewelry is Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic and highly durable

- It's Non-Tarnish! You can shower, sweat, eat, sleep, dance and sing in the rain with it!

- Made with Stainless Steel

- IP Jewelry can last up to a decade with proper care

- It's super Affordable and Shiny

- And it requires much less attention (Can withstand daily wear and tear)

What MGJewels are Ion-Plated?

Almost every piece of jewelry from the #TCGWCollection is Ion-Plated! :) If you are ever confused about a piece, feel free to tap the Chat button at the bottom of the screen and we'll let you know immediately whether it is.

...You can stop here or continue to learn more :)

Show (and tell) me how it's done!

Here is a video of the Physical Vapour Deposition process or PVD and a small explanation.

"The high chemical stability of titanium nitride, which forms the surface layer in this method, is what gives IP plated surfaces their resilience and durability. To begin, a layer of titanium nitride is added to the base surface of stainless steel. Additionally a final plating metal is added to the surface; the thickness of this layer is no more than 0.3 urn. This top layer is what gives the plating its color.

The process is carried out in a vacuum environment as low pressure has to be created for the evaporation of solid metal. Electric ions are produced when the vapor is heated and bombarded with electrons. This plasma is accelerated by the magnetic field induced, as it covers the base metal. Given its durability and chemical stability, ion plating is rightly called “permanent” coating. Since metal vapor (plasma or ions) is used in the coating process, the cost of production is lower than that of wet plating methods." Source - Elf925

IN SHORT - Ions are zapped onto the gold plating which creates an extremely tight chemical bond that seals the plating permanently. :)

Thanks for shopping Mother Golden Jewelry, Angels.

Endless Love, xoxo

Denise Moné, The Founder of Mother Golden Jewelry

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