The Meaning of the #TCGWCollection

Hola Angels ♥


Bringing the #TCGWCollection to life was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences I've had to date. From months of sampling jewelry, materials, and designs to having to think on my feet in ways I hadn't before, this collection challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

This will probably blow your mind the most... every single photo from this collection was taken by me in a mini makeshift home studio with an envelope, a black shirt, a tri-fold Styrofoam board and my iPhone 11! (You can probably imagine how terrified I was to use them as product photos only hours before the launch! Lol).

I was hesitant to share this story because, honestly, I was petrified you all might look down on MGJ, question the legitimacy of MGJ or worse, do nothing at all! But I've come to understanding that these are the moments that make Life most exciting and I hope it inspires you to know that this collection has produced the highest amount of orders MGJ has ever received and I am beyond grateful.

I chose to shoot the jewelry for this collection myself for 1 simple reason:

1) I wanted to prove to myself that I could.

And I am so happy I did.

(Enjoy 1 of my favorite shots!)



All of our Angels wondered the exact same thing when I first announced the #TCGW Collection.

After launching my initial collection designed to encourage MGJ Angels to step out of their comfort zones, I wanted to head in a new and more inclusive direction. Every piece in this collection was handpicked and made to elicit the inner Goddess of every Mother Golden Angel. That is why we called this collection "The Classic Golden Woman."

We want you to remember the spark and inner light that, inevitably, makes you Golden.

So when you purchase from #TCGW, that is the WHY.

In contrast to our first collection, The Spirited Woman, #TCGW includes MGJ's first ever launched necklaces, anklets, bracelets, huggie hoops and chains (we also threw in more timeless earrings because you can never have enough!)

Inspired by everyday elegance, this collection fuses trendy and classic jewelry with the MGJ touch of creativity and authenticity.



If there's anything I want you to takeaway from all of this it's that you are fully capable of creating excellence within your means. Do not, for even a second, allow yourself to be defeated by fear, hard work, or a lack of validation, unless you know for a fact, you will rise again. I promise it will all pay off. So start something great. Start something that moves you and discover how your story can inspire others.

I hope you enjoy the #TCGWCollection. I am so thankful for your existence. #MGJForever

Endless Love, xoxo

Denise Moné, The Founder of Mother Golden Jewelry

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