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Mother Golden was birthed when personal radiance was discovered. Inspired by the strength in our stories, Mother Golden Jewelry is the self-love, acceptance and non-judgement as we walk this beautiful, temporary journey of Life.

Every collection will be limited in availability and password locked to purchase. Mother Golden represents not only an earring to many, but a home as well.

Love is the core of MGJ. 

Founded by Denise at 22 years as more than just jewelry, but a movement alike. Her daily challenge is to be the Defiant as she grows in consciousness to discover love, peace and wealth on the other side.

"Empathy surrounds the mission of Mother Golden Jewelry for I have experienced the pits and now know that it is more than possible to change our mindsets and even more fathomable to have mercy on ourselves."

With love, this is the commencement of our commitment to being a faithful self-lover and dreamer.

Mother Golden Jewelry.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.