Please note, gold-plating is not solid gold.

Mother Golden Jewelry is covered with precious 14K or 18K to ensure longevity, quality and shine. To maintain the appearance of your Mother Golden Jewelry, follow the instructions below:

We strongly recommend against having your jewelry come into any contact with chemicals, including but not limited to cosmetics, perfume, lotions and salt water. This will prevent the jewelry from wearing down and discoloring. 

Due to the nature of the metals, tarnishing may occur over time. This is due to various factors including skin acidity and the way the jewelry has been cared for. Cleaning cloths are recommended for our jewelry and can be purchased for $2 from Mother Golden Jewelry. If you choose to not purchase the cleaning cloth from MGJ, please take note of the cleaning cloth you are purchasing seeing as different cloths are used for different kinds of metals. 

Remove jewelry prior to any exercising and swimming. Wipe down the pieces and store the pieces in the provided bags in between wears. Keep all jewelry clean and dry.