Hello Angels. My name is Denise Moné ♥

Here's my story.

Being a make-up artist for years, I was insecure, terrified, depressed and believed in very little of myself. Eventually, with patience and practice, I discovered a new and brighter me and have made it my mission to encourage you to never dim your light. The secret to your superpower lies within what makes you different.

The Golden Tribe Community was founded to be something that would lift us up and allow us to express ourselves and our many gifts without having to cover up or hide who we really are. That is how Mother Golden Jewelry came to be. Every piece represents the beautiful transformation we are undergoing and a promise to have self-compassion and peace as we embrace this journey of life. No matter how imperfect your life may seem, it is yours and the greatest gift you've ever received.

Mother Golden Jewelry embraces you.