Zola Coin Necklace


The Zola Coin Necklace is a highly adjustable pendant coin necklace featuring the crafted design of a woman. Although paired beautifully with the Zola Coin Bracelet and Matte Katia Hoops, the Zola Coin Necklace makes a  statement on its own. Wear with your new favorite button down top or with a cute mini dress to take things up a notch.


Jewel Details 

- 14K Real Gold Plated Alloy

- Chain Length: Adjustable

- Pendant Size: About 2x2cm

- Hypoallergenic & Sensitive Skin Friendly


Jewel Care

Your Mother Golden Jewelry is fine quality, although it's important to treat it with delicate care for longevity and a durable, shiny gold finish. Remove your "Zola Coin Necklace" when entering the shower and keep away from chemicals and lotions. Other than that, feel oh so amazing in your “Zola Coin Necklace” 

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